Cage hoist automation for today double-drum winder

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 930, 1989

E. Henderson, Planner, Inco Ltd.

This paper outlines the upgrading of a double-drum 2000 hp cage hoist to provide fully-automatic operation from shaft station control panels. The application utilizes programmable controller technology to provide all necessary functions for movement of personnel and material to 22 locations in a 4000 ft shaft. Various functions involving special design considerations such as "chairing", "jogging", and three modes of "multi-level calling service", are outlined. The use of higher level PLC functions to optimize memory utilization and simulate "elevator service" required the addition of a comprehensive fault finding software section to aid in troubleshooting. This paper will deal primarily with the automation portion of the project with references made to other pertinent aspects which were prerequisite to automatic operation. It is not intended to deal with every design detail, but rather to provide an overview of what can be done in the area of automation for those considering such an application.
Keywords: Equipment, Hoisting systems