Building the Ridley Island coal terminal

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 853, 1983

MURRAY E. BLANCHARD, Project Manager CHARLES LAWRENCE, President, Ridley Terminals Inc. Vancouver

A significant addition to Canada's commodity export transportation capabilities is being built by Ridley Terminals Inc. on Ridley Island in the Port of Prince Rupert on British Columbia's north coast. Site preparation began in early 1982. By the end of 1983 the terminal will be receiving coal from two major new mines being developed in B.C.'s massive $2.5 billion northeast coal development. The RTI terminal will have initial capacity to transfer 12 million tonnes of coal a year from railcars to storage and to ships. Capacity will be doubled to 24 million tonnes as market opportunities are developed. The challenge of building this $220-million facility in less than 24 months, the benefits Canada has received from the work the project is generating, and the long-term faith in Canada that this project represents, are all part of the excitement which surrounds the Ridley Terminal and northeast coal developments.
Keywords: Coal developments, Northeast B.C., Ridley Island, Ridley Terminals Inc., Coal transport, Unit trains, Port development.