Briquetting in the Beneficiation of Fine Coal

CIM Bulletin, 1959


This paper presents a general review of the various methods of briquetting coals, with and without the aïd of a binder, with special reference to the production of a suitable briquette from Nova Scotia 'fines' for re-blending with industrial coal. From the economic and technical viewpoints, either small stoker-sized briquettes made with about 4 per cent asphalt in standard low-pressure double-roll presses, or briquettes made without binder in high-pressure double-roll presses, appear to be the most reasonable solution at present.
Keywords: Asphalt, asphalt, Binderless Briquetting of Goals, Briquettes Severa, Briquetting Coal, Nova Scotia, Binder, Binders, Briquetting, Coal, Fines, Pressure, Process, Processes, Rank