Blended ANFO-based explosives

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 905, 1987

W.B. EVANS,Explosives Technical Centre, C-I-L Inc. McMasterville, Quebec and D.P. TAYLOR, Bulk Explosives Limited, Calgary, Alberta

ANFO has two major disadvantages as an explosive low density and no water resistance. ANFO can be blended with more dense, water-resistant explosives to form "Heavy ANFO". The use of emulsion or slurry explosives as a matrix is an attempt to correct deficiencies on the basic ANFO while maintaining cost effectiveness. This paper will deal with four main topics: Product description, general properties, strengths and weaknesses. Technology of "Heavy ANFO", the emulsion matrix concept and the range of products. Relative performance and economics in various rock types. Current status in Canada and worldwide, and the expectations for future use.
Keywords: Technology, Heavy ANFO, Explosives, Blendmaster, C-I-L, Blasting.