Blasting technology: the challenge of the '80's

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 817, 1980

WM. L GIACHINO, Group Manager, Technical Services, Canadian Industries Limited, Montreal, Quebec

Over the last 10 years, C-I-L has played a significant role in the major advances that have taken place in blasting technology, among them the following: development and introduction of cap-sensitive slurries;development of bulk slurry systems both for underground and open-pit operations;development   of the   TOE-DET and ANODET systems of delay blasting; introduction of the NONEL system of initiation;development of the Vertical Crater Retreat (VCR) system of mining.This paper identifies areas in which we foresee further developments in blasting technology over the next 10 years and outlines how and to what extent C-I-L will become involved.
Keywords: Blasting, Metal mining, Slurry systems, Delay blasting, Initiation systems, Vertical Crater Retreat mining, Explosives.