Blast-Hole Diamond Drilling at the Sullivan Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1946

THE Sullivan orebody is a sulphide replacement deposit in beds of argillaceous quartzites. The general strike of the vein is north and south, with rather an abrupt change to northwest in the north limits, and a pronounced steepening of the dip in the same area. An east-west section across the orebody in the vicinity where the change in strike occurs will show the dip-to the east-to be about 10° to 20° above the 4500 level, 20° to 30° between the 4500 and 3900 levels, and 35° to 45° between the 3900 and 3500 levels. It is this last section, averaging 75 feet in thickness, that is being mined by the blast hole method discussed in this paper.
Keywords: BLAST, mining, quartzite, siltstone, stope, Development, Developments, Drilling, mining, pillar, Pillars, Raises, stope, stopes