Bethlehem Mines Corporation's Marmora Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1955

H. 0 . OLSEN

THE IRON ORE at Marmora is a replacement deposit of Precambrian limestone and is overlain with Palaeozoic limestone. It is a low-grade magnetite deposit and the ore will require concentration before it can be used economically for the production of iron. and steel. Present plans estimate an annual production of 500,000 tons of concentrate in the form of pellets. This will require mining approximately two million tons of ore and \ waste annually. Shipment of pellets from Marmora to a ship-loading dock at Picton will be made by rail on a year-'round basis. Shipments from Picton to the Lackawanna plant of the Bethlehem Steel Company at Buffalo, N.Y., will be carried on during the Lake shipping season.
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