Baymag — high-purity magnesium oxide from natural magnesite

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 79, No. 891, 1986

HAGEN B. SCHULTES, Vice-President, Baymag Plant, Calgary, Alberta

Refratechnik, a leading German refractory company, acquired a majority shareholding in Baymag in 1979. This acquisition included the mining rights for a magnesite deposit of exceptionally high purity in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The deposit, situated in the Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, is of Cambrian age and has ore reserves of 50 million m.t. of magnesite. The Baymag magnesite deposit is one of the purest in the world. The deposit was opened up and mining commenced in early 1982. Production of various caustic calcined magnesia products in a rotary kiln operation in Exshaw, Alberta, was started in mid-1982. The product application ranges from pulp and paper production, to the chemical industry, and to animal feed supplements. Since the end of 1983, Baymag has produced high-quality refractory grade fused magnesium oxide for specialty applications in the steel industry.
Keywords: Industrial minerals, Magnesium oxide, Magnesite, Caustic calcined magnesia, Baymag, Ore processing, Development, Transportation.