Kim Valade, Meglab

The energy used for ventilation and air heating is an important part of the cost for operating an underground mine. Companies are also concerned about reducing their GHG emissions while increasing workers safety. Our “IMAGINE” solution is a web based platform that collects information related to the location of workers and vehicles underground. Imagine also controls the ventilation and also has the ability to transmit different safety and emergency alerts. The IMAGINE ventilation module is a valuable energy efficiency tool that can reduce energy costs by 30 to 50%. These savings can be achieved by modulating the ventilation according to the real time location of workers and vehicles in the mine. The ventilation is also controlled according to the type of engine/motor or horse power of each vehicle. For example, an electric powered scoop needs less air than a diesel powered scoop. Imagine will control and provide only what is necessary. The system is easy to deploy and the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. The configuration is simple and allows the ventilation technicians to make any necessary changes without the need of a programmer or an IT technician. The macro system automates sequential tasks, such as shutting down all fans in one (1) operation before blasting. Thanks to the information collected by the gas probes and transmitted to IMAGINE in real time, activities in the mine can resume faster after blasting. IMAGINE is a system: INTELLIGENT: It collects and processes a large amount of information. Simple and fast. MODULAR: The applications are independent and can be deployed gradually, depending on the needs of the mine. EVOLVING: Our team is working on product development to meet the changing needs  of the industry. MEGLAB, YOUR SOLUTIONS FOR A CONNECTED MINE!
Keywords: ventilation on demand,footprint reduction, connected mine,