Assessment of slag backfill properties for the Noranda Chadbourne Project

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 849, 1983

JACQUES MANTEL, President, Nantar Engineering Ltd., and Associate Professor, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, NORMAN LECUYER, Chief Engineer, Noranda Mines Ltd., Chadbourne Division Noranda, Quebec

The Chadbourne Project, located within the limits of the town of Noranda, Quebec, will make use of backfill materials to fill the voids left by the mining of slopes and pillars. A series of tests were conducted on different mixtures of slag and pyr-rhotite tailings materials to evaluate their properties. The tests are described and some pertinent results are given in the paper.
Keywords: Underground mining, Backfill, Slag backfill, Chadbourne project, Ground support, Porosity, Percolation rate, Bulk density, Compression tests.