Assessment of precious metals distribution in Lac Mattagami flotation plant by computer mass balance calculation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 919, 1988

D. HODOUIN, GRAIIM, Universite Laval Quebec, Quebec, M. GARON, Division Opemiska, Minnova Inc., Chapais, Quebec, M. REMILLARD and M. THERIEN, Centre de Recherches minerales, Ministere de I'Energie et des Ressources Quebec, Quebec

Nineteen streams in the copper and zinc flotation units of the concentrator of the Matagami Division of Noranda Inc. have been sampled for particle size distributions, chemical assays, and gold and silver contents in each particle size interval. The data are upgraded by the mass balance package BILMAT. These results, in conjunction with microprobe analyses, are used to quantify the silver losses in the copper cleaning flotation
Keywords: Mineral processing, Flotation, Lac Mattagami, Copper, Zinc, BILMAT, Mass balance calculation, Computer applications