Aspects of Smelting Pig Iron in Electric Reduction Furnaces

CIM Bulletin, 1970

l. T. LOE, Metallurgist, A. S. Norsk Jernverk, Mo i Rana, Norway

High production rate and good stability demand the optimization of all phases of electric pig iron smelting. This is important with respect to slag chemistry, which to a large extent regulates the process temperature in electric smelting. Controlled basicity and slag volume. and a satisfactory screen analysis of the reduction material and sinter, are of the utmost importance for smooth furnace operation. Large variations in slag volume and in B/ A and C/Fe ratio will have an influence on the furnace resistance and thus t he specific energy development in the furnace, which lead to variable reduction of SiO.. The result will be variable hot -metal quality and unstable furnace operation
Keywords: Coke, Coke Breeze, Electric Pig Iron Smelting, Mo i, sinter, slag, Cokes, Electrodes, Furnaces, Reduction, Resistance, Sinter, Slag, Slags, Temperature