Asbestos Floats

CIM Bulletin, 1952


ASBESTOS FLOAT,S may be defined briefly as blends of airborne particles of fibrous ,asbestos and dusts produced during the milling stages and collected by Cottrell precipitators, dust sheds, or baghouses. The various grades of asbestos floats on the market contain fibrous asbestos particles ranging in length from microscopic to approximately .11.,-inch. The fines or dusts present in the floats a re from 40 microns to 2 microns or less in cross-section. Airborne asbestos particles are 'Of diverse length because they are collected at numerous places. in the mill. There a re: ( 1) dusts removed from dry rock storage bins, (2) dusts removed from rock and fiber screens, (3) particles from the tops of collectors, and ( 4) fines removed by suction from the processing equipment.
Keywords: Asbestos, asbestos, caulking, floats, magnetite, whiskers, Density, Dust, Fillers, Fines, Materials, particles, Plastics, test, Tests