Applications of X-Ray Emission Spectrometry to Rock and Ore Analysis

CIM Bulletin, 1957


CHEMICAL ANALYSIS by X-Ray emission spectrometry has become increasingly important during the past few years. The method is analogous to optical spectrography with x-rays being used instead of light and should not be confused with methods of x-ray diffraction used• for identification of minerals and chemical compounds. X-ray emission spectrometry has many advantages for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Its optimum concentration range is higher than that of the optical spectrograph, and the group of elements which can be detected is not identical to that which can be detected by the optical spectrograph.
Keywords: analysis, atomic number, chart recorder, Fluorescent X-ray Spectrography, McGill University, sodium chloride, Concentration, Emissions, Ore, Ores, Radiation, Standards, Tubes