Applications of Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened Aluminum Alloys in Organic-Cooled Power Reactors

CIM Bulletin, 1965

O. G. Boxall Manager, Materials Engineering;  O. J. C. Fleming Engineer, Materials Engineering Civilian Atomic Power Dept., Canadian General Electric Company Ltd., Peterborough, Ontario

As an alternative to heavy water cooling, reactors cooled by organic liquids are being actively developed in Canada under the sponsorship of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. One of the areas in which development has been required is that of core materials. The factors affecting the selection of fuel canning and coolant tube materials are discussed. It is shown that S.A.P. is a potentially attractive material for these applications.
Keywords: Applications, Bars, cold work, Mallory Tungsten, S.A.P. Extruded Bar, sintering, strain rate, Fuels, Materials, Temperature, test, Tests, Tubes, Tubing, Tungsten