Applications of Mineral Fillers in the Paint and Plastics Industries

CIM Bulletin, 1970

KURT F. WEITZ, Organic Coatings Chemist, lndusmin Limited, Research Laboratories, Oon Mills, Ontario

The number of materials that can be classified as fillers covers an extremely wide range: this paper outlines those fillers of the industrial mineral type that find extensive application in the paint and plastics industries. In the paint industry, mineral fillers are known as extender pigments. Extenders are added to paint and plastic compositions to (1) lower the cost and (2) reinforce or modify the physical properties of a composition. Commonly used extenders are classified according to chemical type and discussed in terms of the change in physical properties that they impart to a paint or plastic film. Available cost reductions and data on the consumption of extenders in the Canadian paint industry are also included.
Keywords: Binder, calcium carbonate, nepheline syenite, pigments, plastics, titanium dioxide, Cost, Costs, Extenders, Fillers, Paint, Paints, particles, Pigment, Plastics