Applications for hardfacing in the mining industry

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 823, 1980

S. SHEWCHUK, R.J. DAWSON and R.A. BELAND, Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited, Metallurgical Laboratories, Thornhill, Ontario

Shovel buckets, scraper blades, dipper teeth, mine car wheels and hammermills are examples of equipment which require routine maintenance due to abrasion. Service life can be extended by the use of hardfacing and buildup materials. Mining and milling applications are described and field welding procedures discussed.A high-stress abrasion test used to select hardfacing and buildup materials for hammers in a hammermill is described in detail. Field tests of the selected alloys confirmed their performance, and maintenance records showed a significant saving in down time and cost.The relationship between the abrasion resistance of the alloys and their hardness, work hardening, composition and microstructure is summarized.
Keywords: Equipment, Maintenance, Hardfacing, Abrasion, Welding, Hammermills, Alloys.