Application of Steam to the Dewatering of Metallurgical Concentrates

CIM Bulletin, 1966

C. S. Simons and D. A. Dahlstrom Research and Development Department, The Eimco Corporation, 301 South Hicks Rood, Palatine, Illinois

Growing interest in the developing technique of improving the dewatering of filter cakes by the direct application of steam has been apparent during the past year. A number of applications to iron and base-metal concentrates are under study, and intensive work continues on applications to coal cleaning. This paper presents and discusses the data presently available. The effects of material characteristics and operating variables on final cake moisture are examined. Although it is not yet possible to answer all questions regarding the applicability of the technique to specific problems from general data correlations, it is found that the use of these in conjunction with em1>irical data derived from properly conducted laboratory tests does yield reliable conclusions. Emphasis is placed on the basic economics of the process, and on design criteria for "steam drying" filter stations, as applied particularly to metallurgical concentrates. Examples of the use of laboratory tests to solve application problems are given.
Keywords: B. Ilmenite, Filter Cakes, Hematite ., porosity, Concentrate, Concentrates, Data, Drying, Filters, Materials, Moisture content, Permeability, Porosity, Steam