Application of electric-hydraulic drilling at Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 838, 1982

J.N. SZUCK, J.A. RIDDELL and K.H. SINGH, Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited, Canadian Nickel Division - Sudbury Operations, Falconbridge, Ontario

Hydraulic rock drilling equipment has been in use at Falcon-bridge over the past two years in both production and development situations. This paper deals with the experience gained in the application of hydraulic drilling in the company's mines and discusses the benefits and problems encountered during their use. The paper primarily focuses on technical, operating, maintenance and economic aspects of the machines, and does not attempt to compare the performances of different machines from the various manufacturers.
Keywords: Underground mining, Drilling, Sloping, Drifting, Hydraulic drilling, Electric-hydraulic drilling, Falconbridge Nickel, Mines Ltd., Strathcona Mine, East Mine, Fraser Mine.