Application of aeromagnetic data to gold exploration in northeastern Ontario

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 840, 1982

RAYMOND J. PICHETTE, Allan Specter and Associates Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Aeromagnetic data can be useful in helping to delineate structure and rock types in gold exploration. Magnetic anomalies associated with Archean volcanic belts in northeastern Ontario can be quickly and effectively analyzed in profile form with the use of model curves. The model curves help to locate contacts between strata. They also help to estimate the magnetite content of the rocks and their depth beneath overburden.An aeromagnetic map of part of Catharine Township, Ontario has been analyzed with the aid of model curves. Several magnetic rock types, potential fault zones and areas of relatively thick overburden were delineated.
Keywords: Mineral exploration, Aeromagnetic data, Gold exploration, Ontario, Magnetic anomalies, Volcanic rocks, Geophysical exploration, Overburden.