Application of a cross-pit bridge conveyor system in mining

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 828, 1981

R.W. ZEINDLER, Manager, Mining Technology, Krupp Canada Inc., Calgary, Alberta, D.A. FAWCETT, Senior Project Engineer, Coal Mining Research Centre, Edmonton, Alberta

A summary is presented of the report completed by the Coal Mining Research Centre in 1980. This report was of a cross-pit conveyor system applied as an auxiliary mining complement to the major stripping unit, a dragline. The purpose of the CMRC report was to evaluate selective mining and replacement of the upper horizons of the strata as an aid in reclamation. These strata were the topsoil, subsoil and glacial till.Past utilization of cross-pit conveyor systems and related engineering studies were assessed. The parameters of the study were based on the mining and geological conditions of the Alberta prairie coal mines. The principal excavator for stripping was a dragline. Excavation of the upper horizons was done by a bucket-wheel excavator discharging onto the cross-pit conveyor. Alternative equipment applications were economically compared. Four cases or geological sections were evaluated in detail. The economics of the alternative mining systems for each of the cases were determined. In all instances, the most economical solution was a tandem system utilizing a dragline with a bucket-wheel excavator/cross-pit conveyor system.
Keywords: Open-Pit mining, Conveyor systems, Cross-pit conveyors, Bridge conveyors, Coal mining, Stripping, Draglines, Reclamation, Bucket-wheel excavators.