Applicability of Air Curtains as Air Stoppings and Flow Regulators in Mine Ventilation

CIM Bulletin, 1969

G. GRASSMOCK, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mining Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal, Que.

The question of whether the air curtain principle could be used under conditions prevailing in Canadian metal mines was investigated. A vertical, portable BERRY air curtain was tested, at first in a wind tunnel built at Ecole Polytechnique at full scale (8- by 8-ft cross section) to simulate a drift and its lateral connections, and then in the haulage ways of a metal mine under actual conditions. The results permit us to predict under what conditions this type of air curtain is capable of acting as an air stopping or flow regulator and how it could be further developed.
Keywords: Air, angle of incidence, Ecole Polytechnique, fire door, static pressure, wind tunnel, Fans, flow, Mine, Mines, mining, Pressure, Tunnels