Anode Furnace Refractory Practice at INCO's Copper Refining Division

CIM Bulletin, 1964

E. F. Rabeau Assistant to the Manager, Copper Ref ining Division, The l'nternationol Nickel Company of Canada, Ltd., Copper Cl iff, Ont.

Anode reverberatory furnace construction practices at the Copper Refining Division of The International Nickel Company of Canada are outlined, with emphasis on bottoms and sprung basic roofs. The effect of various fuels on refractory life, covering experience with coal, oil and natural gas, is summarized to show the advantages of the latter fuel. The extensive use that is made of water-cooled copper castings for supporting refractory structures and protecting furnace steelwork is described. Longitudinal and transverse cross sections of the furnace and walls are illustrated
Keywords: Bricks, Construction, copper, fireclay, magnesite, natural gas, refractory, silica, Fuel, Fuels, Furnaces, Oil, Oils, refractory, Silica