AndcoTorrax: A Slagging Pyrolysis Solid Waste Conversion System

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 783, 1977

P. E. Davidson, Andco-Torrax Ltd., Burlington, Ontario

The management of solid waste is known to be a large and increasing problem in high-population areas throughout the world. It is not necessary here to add further definition to the nature and magnitude of the problem. Instead, it is the purpose of this paper to describe a new process, called the Andco-Torrax System,, which will be of use in converting municipal solid waste into useful energy forms and a granulated slag by-product. The paper includes a description of the first commercial plant for the process.
Keywords: Andco-Torrax process, Pyrolysis, Waste management, Environmental control, Combustion processes, Energy recovery, Gas cleaning.