An Unusually High Thermal Efficiency Power Plant for the Cantung Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1965

C. S. Walker; M.A. Thomas M. A. Thomas & Associates Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

This paper analyzes the physical, operational and economic site conditions which were conducive to the design of a diesel-electric power plant wherein the over-all use of the thermal energy of the fuel exceeds 80 per cent. The heat energy supplied to the diesel engines is recovered in power generation, vapour phase cooling, waste heat boilers, air to exhaust gas heat exchangers and lubricating oil coolers. Electric boilers are also integrated into the plant design to enable the ratio of electric power output to heat recovery to be varied to suit the seasonal and daily variations. The criteria relative to thermal and electric power design requirements are discussed, and the design details of some parts of the plant which conform to these criteria are illustrated. Some data in regard to the actual operation of the plant over a short period are also included.
Keywords: boiler, central heating, power plant, waste heat, Boilers, Engines, Heat, Heating, Load, Plants, power plant, Power plants, Requirements, Steam