An overview of monitoring and control methods for diesel pollutants in underground mines using diesel equipment

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 819, 1980

JOHN H. JOHNSON Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan

Background information relative to the concerns for diesel paniculate emissions is reviewed. A review of the most advanced methods for measuring ambient levels of diesel pollutants is presented. Measured pollutant levels in two metal mines are summarized, including a ranking of pollutants based on their measured levels. The measured levels are related to the "health effects index".The various methods of controlling miner exposure to pollutant levels are reviewed. The control approaches are discussed relative to the (1) engine (i.e., fuel, engine design, after-treatment), (2) vehicle and (3) ventilation system. A method of controlling diesel pollutant levels at the face for the load-haul-dump vehicle is proposed based on the continuous monitoring of CO2 concentration with a vehicle-mounted instrument.
Keywords: Diesel equipment, Underground mining, Exhaust control, Particulate emissions, Pollutants, Quantizer, White Pine Mine, Brushy Creek Mine, Ventilation, Mine safety, Health.