An lntegrated Mining and Chemical Plant Complex for Various Strontium and Barium Products

CIM Bulletin, 1969

W. J. O. STONE, Vice-President and Director, Cape Chemical Syndicate, Montreal, Que.

For several years, the existence of a deposit of barite (BaS04 ) near Brookfield, Nova Scotia, has been known. A very large deposit of strontium (SrS04 ) near Sydney, Cape Breton, is a more recent discovery. Cape Chemical Syndicate has been formed to work the deposits. A five-million-dollar integrated mineral processing and chemical plant is planned for Sydney to produce various compounds of barium and strontium. The mineral processing plant includes the Jones Wet Magnetic Separator and will produce high-purity barite and celestite. These products will be processed further in the fine grinding plant and the chemical plant. The general project is described, covering the deposits, processing and markets.
Keywords: Barite, barite, barium carbonate, Brookfield, Nova Scotia, celestite, strontium carbonate, Barium, Carbonate, carbonates, Chemicals, Deposits, Materials, Plants, Strontium