An interpretation of regional northwest-southeast folding in North America with special emphasis on Ontario: structural and economic implications

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 819, 1980

S.V. BURR Consulting Geologist, Toronto, Ontario

A 28-year study of cross folds leads to the conclusion that the northwest-southeast folds recognized in many areas of North America are part of a regional pattern. Detailed examination of over 650 geological maps and reports of Ontario indicates that this folding can be traced across the province. Evidence is presented that this fold pattern played an important part in determining the pattern and scale of intrusion, that its recognition in the field can aid in defining stratigraphy, folding and faulting, and that it may have played an important role in channeling hydrothermal or magmatic mineralization.
Keywords: Structural geology, Economic geology, Folding, Ontario, Porcupine area, Red Lake area, Manitou Lake area, Elliot Lake area, Cobalt, Uranium, Thorium, Nickel, Gold.