An information system to prevent sulphide dust ignition

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 87, No. 985, 1994

A. Burkert and A.E. Hajj, The University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia

An information system has been developed for the use ofcompanies considering developing a new mine which may be liable to secondary sulphide ignitions or by existing operations. The system uses the Comdale X expert system to analyze information about a particular mine. The system will indicate whether the mine is likely to experience ignitions and what precautions can be taken to reduce or prevent their occurrence. The advantage of an information system using expert system and artificial intelligence principles is that it can recommend action when there is an incomplete knowledge of all the system parameters. By interrogation of the user it can determine the state of knowledge and react accordingly. It is considered that such systems could be of significant use in mine planning for new and existing properties, especially where operators have limited expertise regarding secondary sulphide ignitions.