An Experiment in Mineral Exploration and Training in the Philippines

CIM Bulletin, 1968

W. E. HALE, Associate Professor, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B. Project Manager, lnst. of Applied Geology, Philippines, 1965-66;  G. J. S. GOVETT, Visiting Lecturer, University of New Brunswick. Geochemist, lnst. of Applied Geology, Philippines, 1965-66.

The Institute of Applied Geology, Manila, Philippines, is jointly sponsored by the University of the Philippines, the Philippines Bureau of Mines and the United Nations Development Programme (Special Fund). It provides, in its fourth year of operation, an interesting example of international cooperation in mineral development. Objectives include: (1) the training of mining engineers in modern techniques of mineral exploration; (2) assisting government and industry in discovering new ore deposits; and (3) providing the basis for the establishment of an economically oriented graduate school of geology at the University, the first of its kind in the country.
Keywords: exploration, exploration, geological, Mineral, Philippines, University of New Brunswick., geology, Mine, Mineral exploration, Mines, Philippines, Training