An Evaluation of Field, The Material Balance Carnduff Saskatchewan, Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1961


For the purpose of reservoir-performance calculations a balance can be made between the materials within the reservoir and the production from the reservoir. The material balance equation, a relationship which holds under or near equilibrium conditions, has been used in many forms by the Petroleum Engineer for the determination of initial oil-in-place in the reservoir and the calculation of performance into the future. One of the more recent methods developed by Tracy, utilizes a modified form of the Schilthuis material balance. In the latter case, values of incremental production are assumed for a particular pressure drop, a value of the gasoil ratio found and a check of this estimate made by calculating the initial oil-in-place. Tracy's method utilizes an estimation of the instantaneous gas-oil ratio and by trial and error a value of the gas-oil ratio is found which checks with that originally assumed. The calculation for the oil-in-place is the final check of the solution. Tracy's method is said to be more easily applied because the incremental oil production is less sensitive to small inaccuracies in the gas-oil ratio. A method is presented to facilitate the use of the material balance equation incorporating the estimation of incremental oil production and utilizing factors developed by Tracy which are uniquely a function of pressure. Reasons for this modification are discussed. The calculations were performed on the Carnduff Oil Field in Saskatchewan, and data and results are shown
Keywords: Calculations, Carnduff Oil Field, oc, reservoir, Saskatchewan, Estimation, Material balance, Material balances, Oil, Oils, Pressure, Production, Saskatchewan, Value