An Evaluation Of A Satellite System In The Pembina Field

CIM Bulletin, 1960


Pressure maintenance by water flooding in the Pembina Field made consideration of wet crude dehydration and disposal of the produced water mandatory. Crude dehydration, the treatment and disposal of produced water, as well as the sale of gas and crude oil were expected to be handled more efficiently at one central point than at several conventional batteries. This plan was effected by routing the produced fluids to the central station by way of several well testing batteries referred to as satellites. To realize the full efficiency inherent in such consolidation the entire system was made self-regulating. Programming ensures the testing and proper routing of all products to their destination. Forty producing wells have been self-operated during the winter 1959 - 1960 with gratifying results.
Keywords: dehydration, flow line, Mobil Oil, panel house, standard deviation, flow, Oil, Oils, Production, Satellite, Systems, test, Tests, Water, Waters