An engineered calcium carbide desulphurizer for lowering slag reactivity

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 85, No. 961, 1992

Bruce J. Barker, Cyanamid Canada Inc.

Environmental concerns have recently been growing over the disposal of reactive desulphurizing slag. Consequently, increased pressure has been placed on the foundry industry to reduce the reactivity of this slag. To address this problem, Cyanamid has developed a new product which significantly reduces the calcium carbide content of the desulphurizing slag. Testing equipment and procedures have also been developed to evaluate both the existing levels of carbide in the slag and the decreased levels which are achieved with this new material. The development and use of this engineered carbide desulphurizer has made possible significant environmental and efficiency improvements in the field of calcium carbide desulphurizing. Consequently, the lifespan of calcium carbide in ductile iron desulphu-rization has been increased, as have the benefits of its use in the foundry industry.
Keywords: Environmental conems, Reactivity, Slag treatment, Calcium carbide desulphurizing, Desulphurizing.