An Empirical Demonstration of Geophysical Methods Across The Caribou Deposit, Bathurst, N. B.

CIM Bulletin, 1961

The spatial coïncidence of the seven anomalies is obvious, even though the self-potential is offset northward. Because the ratio, as an indicator of conductivity, is a relative estimate at best, concise interpretation is limited in almost every instance to the location of a conductor or conductor axis. When related to the initial phase of an exploration program, magnitudes and ratios similar to those obtained from any one of the methods described, would be sufficiently attractive to warrant further investigation. The compilation shown is an empirical comparison of actual field results and no emphasis has intentionally been placed on the relative merits of one method in respect to another. Too many additional factors, i.e., size, depth and conductivity of overburden, etc., that cannot unequivocally be answered, enter into such a comparison before a relative evaluation Can be made
Keywords: Anaconda, conductor, loop, schist, sulfide mineral, Conductivity, Correlation, Deposits, Frequency, Geologie, Geophysical methods, New Brunswick, Overburden, Profiles