An Appraisal of Muskeg Technology in Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1958

AREAS in which the surface deposits consist of organic material - known in some parts of Canada as muskeg and in Europe, more generally, as peat lands - have long been some of the least rewarding of lands of the north temperature zone. Even in such countries as Great Britain, Holland, and Denmark where a good deal of incentive exists to develop all available land, the use of peat land has been negligible except as a source of fuel. Only recently have efforts shown promise in reclaiming these lands for farming or for forestry. Russia has large areas of peat and use is made of it for power generation . The Russian people have also developed a variety of machines for handling peat, which would indicate that they are well ahead of the Wes tern World in their technical and physical ability to solve some of the problems.
Keywords: Canada, Canada, cross-country route, muskeg, Russia, ton-mile, Cost, Costs, Development, Developments, mineral, minerals, North, Research