An Application of a Computer to Open-Pit Mine Design

CIM Bulletin, 1965

Noel O'Brien; F. J. Nowak Formerly Asst. Mine Superintendent Notional Asbestos Mines Ltd., Thetford Mines, Que.

General: National Asbestos Mines Limited has operated an asbestos mine and mill near Thetford Mines, Quebec, since 1958. As a result of additional exploration of t he orebody in 1962-63, it became apparent t hat long-range mining plans would have to be revised to allow for a large increase in both ore and waste tonnages. It was decided that the task of checking out possible mine designs could best be analyzed by a computer to obtain data from which an optimum open-pit configuration could be plotted.
Keywords: asbestos, cross section, mining, open-pit, program, Computer, Computers, Data, Design, Mine, Mines, mining