An Analysis of a Detailed Engineering Study in Accordance with IESO IAP Requirements


Nathan Wineinger, SRK Consulting (U.S.) Inc.

An Independent Electricity System Operator Industrial Accelerator Program (IESO IAP) case study was completed for a mine in Ontario, Canada by SRK Consulting, Inc.  The purpose of the study was to analyze the ventilation system to determine whether and which system improvements could reduce the overall electrical power demand of the mine.  Financial incentives are offered by the IESO IAP grant program to help cover the capital costs of these improvements.  This study included the completion of a full mine ventilation survey as well as measurement of a full suite of electrical parameters of the surface and underground ventilation fans.  After these measurements, a base ventilation model was created and established as the system baseline.  Changes to the ventilation system were modeled, and their effects on the power demand were projected.  The results of the study showed that several improvements were possible which may significantly improve the efficiency of the ventilation system and reduce mine electricity demand.