An Adiabatic Study of the Influence of Moisture on the Spontaneous .Heating of Coal

CIM Bulletin, 1971


An investigation carried out to determine the tendency of coals to heat spontaneously in terms of time-temperature curves coupled with the resulting oxidation products in an adiabatically controlled laboratory setup is described. Tests were made at differing moisture conditions, including oxidation and also oxidation with either adsorption or desorption of water vapour on coal. From the experimental evidence, there is reason to believe that the oxidation of coal, although an important factor, is not the predominant one in the development of spontaneous heating. In addition to the temperature increase in coal and the gaseous products evolved due to auto-oxidation, the process is accelerated by adsorption and retarded by desorption of water vapour on coal.
Keywords: Air, Between Oxygen and Coal, carbon monoxide, oxidation, Rates of Coal, water vapour, Coal, Heating, oxidation, Oxygen, Temperature, test, Tests, Water, Waters