Ammonium sulphate as activator in sulphidized xanthate flotation of malachite

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 926, 1989

Wenbin Zhang, Kunming Institute of Technology, People's Republic of China, and George W. Poling, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Prior or simultaneous addition of ammonium sulphate can, not only enhance the activating effect of hydrosulphide ions on xanthate flotation of malachite but it can also eliminate possible detrimental or depressing effects of excess residual hydrosulphide. Use of relatively inexpensive ammonium sulphate appears to reduce the consumption of the much more expensive sulphidizing agent for optimal flotation recovery.
Keywords: Mineral processing, Xanthate flotation, Malachite, Sulphidized xanthate flotation, Flotation processes, Ore recovery.