Ammonia Pressure Leach Process for Recovering Nickel, Copper, Sherritt Gordon Nickel and Cobalt From Sulphide Concentrate

CIM Bulletin, 1953


The paper describes . the research and development programme that has led to the discovery and practical application of an ammonia pressure leaching process for producing nickel, copper, and cobalt from the nickel concentrate made from Lynn Lake ore by Sherritt Gordon Mines, Limited. Work carried out in laboratories and pilot plants during the past five years shows that the new process can be used successfully to produce highpurity nickel, copper, and cobalt at a cost appreciably lower than if conventional smelting and electrolytic refining were used.
Keywords: Ammonia, Ammonia, ammonium sulphate, cobalt, copper, nickel, Cobalt, copper, metals, nickel, Operation, Process, Processes