Aluminum Truck Bodies in Mining Operations

CIM Bulletin, 1964

R. A. Esmonde Market Manager, Transportation (Rood & Morine), Aluminum Company of Conodo, Ltd., Montreal, Que

. This paper states how alloy and welding advances have made possible the ra1>id development of the use of aluminum in the construction of equipment for earth moving and off-highway rock hauling. The main details are given regarding the construction and field testing carried out ~n an aluminum prototype body. The test results of strain gauge readings are analysed, and a description is given of how these have been applied in subsequent designs. The increase in the number of aluminum units put into the various types of service in Canada, as well as the problems encountered, is described, and the experience gained from five years of field service is discussed in some detail. An assessment is also made of the durability of these units. The economics of using aluminum, together with the current development position, are reviewed, and predictions are made for considerable future increases in the use of aluminum units in open-pit and off-highway operations.
Keywords: Aluminum, Asbestos Aluminum, Canada, hard-rock, Montreal, open-pit, Rock, Rocks, service, Services, Tests, Truck, Trucks, wear