Algom Nordic . - Development to Production

CIM Bulletin, 1958


. 0 N THE 6TH JULY in the year 1953 an announcement was made to the public that touched off one of the greatest staking rushes in the history of mining in Canada and resulted, in tl1e space of a few short years, in the development of the greatest reserves of uranium-bearing ore in the world. It was •On this date that the famous "Blind River back-door staking bee" was completed with the acquisition of some 2,000 claims by the Preston East Do me-Technical Mine Consultant teams under the direction of Mr. Franc Joubin and Mr. Robert C. Hart. That story has been told from coast to coast and is too well known now to require elaboration. Suffice to say that, in the short elapsed time of less tl1an five years from that momentous summer of 1953, three of the Algoma mines are in full production, three more are rapidly nearing full production, five more 1are approaching the production stage, a new hard-surfaced highway, 108, has been built to serve the area, and a brand new, completely planned city, Elliot Lake, is being built to provide the amenities of living to the 22,000 people already in the area
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