Air-Photo Interpretation Reduces Costs For A Wide Variety Of Oilfield Projects

CIM Bulletin, 1968

R. O. MORGAN, Western Photogrammetry Limited, Winnipeg.
C. E. ANDERSON, Underwood McClellan & Associates, Winnipeg.
D. B. HORNE, Underwood McClellan & Associates, Calgary.

Air-photo interpretation and photogrammetry are two of the most effective and versatile tools available to the petroleum industry. The techniques have proven successful in providing solutions to many of the problems encountered in the design and construction of oilfield projects. Although most technical personnel are aware that airphoto interpretation and photogrammetry are useful in the selection of routes for roads and pipelines, few realize the true scope of the techniques or the wide variety of areas in which they are applicable. This paper briefly describes the principles involved, and reviews a number of typical applications of particular interest to petroleum companies. Excessive detail is avoided; rather the emphasis is placed upon the wide spectrum of possible applications. It is stressed that on the- ground examination generally is a necessary adjunct, and that there are certain limitations to the techniques discussed. Properly applied, however, air-photo interpretation and photogrammetry can offer significant advantages in terms of time, flexibility, secrecy and economy.
Keywords: Cost, Costs, Data, Design, engineering geology, permafrost, photo interpretation, Western Photogrammetry Ltd., Winnipeg, Pipeline, Pipelines, Projects, Route, Water