Aids to design for coal preparation plants

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 881, 1985

D.G. OSBORNE, Kilborn Engineering (B.C.) Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia

The paper describes current 'tools' available to the coal preparation engineer for carrying out the evaluation of data, process design, selection of equipment and layout and design of coal preparation plants.Laboratory and pilot-scale equipment is widely available and test data can be used to provide valuable design information regarding capacities and sizing for specific applications. Pilot plants, unless they fit closely to the basic design envisaged for the eventual commercial plant, can often provide only limited useful information. Computing aids such as equipment simulation, plant modelling, etc. are becoming widely applied for establishing design criteria and investigating flowsheet options. Other computer tools such as computer-aided design systems are taking over some of the time-consuming tasks of detailed layout and design and estimation of quantities, etc. and providing the means for detailed examination of more than a single option. Besides computer modelling there is also physical modelling of plant buildings, plant sites and entire proposed mining areas; the former can be especially useful in finalizing design and threading' pipework and electrical reticulation systems through the plant without the resultant risk of impairment of flow, obstruction or wastefulness. Not the least of the benefits of plant models is the assistance provided for training new operating and maintenance staff.
Keywords: Coal preparation, Process Design, Computer Modelling, Plant design, Coal cleaning, Washability data.