Aggregate Resources of Southern Ontario

CIM Bulletin, 1972

M. A. VOS, Geologist, Industrial Minerals Section, Ontario Department of Natural Resources, Toronto, Ontario.

Aggregates are the low-cost mineral raw material of building construction. Large volumes of aggregate are consumed each year. The availability of aggregates in southern Ontario is discussed in the context of the geological formations in which they occur. Sand and gravel are abundant in glacial deposits and in recent sediments. A knowledge of the glacial history is important for their discovery. Bedrock formations provide a variety of aggregates in Ontario. Knowledge of the rock types involved and of the depth of overburden are important for evaluation of the aggregate potential of bedrock resources in an area. Utilization of available resources intensifies as the population increases. Urban development makes it progressively more difficult to satisfy the demands of the construction industry. The effects of urban development on the aggregate resource base of an area are illustrated by developments and consumption statistics in the Toronto- centred region. There is an obvious need for a comprehensive survey of available resources in urban areas to serve as a guide in land-use planning. To fill this need, staff members of the Industrial Minerals Section, Geological Branch, Ontario Department of Mines and Northern Affairs, are engaged in mapping projects and mineral resource studies in southern Ontario as well as in some urban areas of northern Ontario.
Keywords: Aggregate, Aggregates, Deposits, Development, Developments, dolomites, Eastern Ontario, glacial deposits, gravel, Metropolitan Toronto, Gravel, Ontario, Resources, Sand