Aggregate resources inventory of Ontario

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 844, 1982

DALE SCOTT, Supervisor, Aggregate Assessment Office Engineering and Terrain Geology Section, Ontario Geological Survey, Ministry of Natural Resources, Toronto, Ontario

The Aggregate Resources Inventory Program was initiated to produce reports which assess the aggregate resources of municipalities designated under the Pits and Quarries Control Act, 1971.Each report consists of three copies accompanied by a text. The text describes the local mineral aggregate resources, extractive activity and characteristics of the "Selected Deposits". The first map shows the known sand and gravel resources and their quality. The second map indicates selected sand and gravel resources of primary, secondary and tertiary significance. The third map indicates both bedrock resources and bedrock areas suitable for extraction. These maps and the text are prepared in a format suited for use by planning personnel.Recently, the Aggregate Resources Inventory Program has undergone evolutionary changes. New sources of data are being utilized in the inventory reports; in particular, detailed field assessment by inspecting, sampling, drilling and backhoe pitting. Liaison and joint assessment with district and regional Mineral Resources staff of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and personnel of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, are key components of the Program.Twenty-two reports were available to the public as of December 1980, with a further thirty-six awaiting publication. Our present production rate is 3.5 reports per month. The reports appear to be well accepted by the municipalities and have proven effective in conserving prime aggregate resource areas.
Keywords: Aggregates, Ontario, Terrain geology, Pits and Quarries Control Act, Reports, Maps, Sand, Gravel, Clay, Stone, Adjala Township.