Aggregate resources in Nova Scotia

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 844, 1982

JOHN H. FOWLER, Industrial Minerals Geologist, Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy, Halifax, N.S.

Most of the aggregate used in Nova Scotia is produced from numerous gla-ciofluvial and ice-contact deposits scattered throughout the province. Production from bedrock sources is increasing, with most of the coarse aggregate used in the Halifax-Dartmouth area coming from quarries operating within the metro area.A recently completed provincial sand and gravel inventory mapping program has identified some "resource-poor" areas where comprehensive aggregate evaluation programs are underway. Although some areas of the province are experiencing aggregate supply problems, large volumes are exported to markets as far away as Bermuda.
Keywords: Aggregates, Nova Scotia, Sand, Gravel, Stone, Industrial minerals, Glaciation, Quarries.