Aerosol frother addition in column flotation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 913, 1988

I.M. FLINT, P. MacPHAIL* and G.S. DOBBY, Department of Metallurgy a nd Materials Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

The objective of the laboratory work described in this paper has been to develop a method for producing small gas bubbles at moderate to high gas rates in a flotation column. Small bubbles are particularly important for attaining reasonable flotation rates of fine particles. An ultrasonic aerosol generator has been employed to add frother solution directly to the gas stream. Using porous glass and filter cloth spargers, aerosol frother addition has produced bubbles at l/2 to 2/s the diameter of those produced by conventional frother addition to the liquid, at a lower frother consumption.
Keywords: Flotation, Frothers, Spargers, Fine particles, Flotation column, Mineral Processing.