Aerial Survey Methods in Industrial Development

CIM Bulletin, 1961

AERIAL survey methods have made enormous t echnical advances and gained new recognition since World War II. Befo re enlarging on this statement and reviewing some of the uses of ae rial survey in industrial development it is important to define what is meant by "aerial survey". The subj ect will be discussed in the broadest sense and references will be made to the four sections that compose the overall field of surveying operations from the air. These a re: 1. Aerial photography and photographic mapping. 2. The use of airborne electronic instruments for geodetic distance measurement and the determination of ground elevation s. 3. Airborne geophysical su r veying. 4. The extraction of qualitative and quantitative information from aerial photographs through the processes of "reading", analysis and interpretation
Keywords: aerial photographs, aerial survey, civil engineer, stereoscope, World War II, Aerial surveys, industrial, Information, Mapping, Planning, Process, Processes, Survey, Surveys