Advantages and methods for the real-time detection of hydrocyclone operating problems

CIM Journal, Vol. 2, No. 3, 2011

C. Bazin, M. Renaud, A. Faucher and M. Mai Manga

Grinding circuits are operated in the presence of disturbances resulting from ore changes and equipment malfunctions, such as hydrocyclone overloading, worn or partly plugged apexes, surging, and internal liner detachment that may cause a loss of classification performance. Metal recovery losses in downstream leaching or flotation circuits justify the development of methods for rapid detection of hydrocyclone malfunction. Two methods are presented in this paper. The first method uses measurements from sensors available in a grinding circuit and the second uses vibration sensors installed on the individual hydrocyclones of a nest.
Keywords: Hydrocyclone, Malfunction, Vibration analysis, Simulation, Diagnosis